About us

Beginning as a small-scale granite and marble dealer in 1989, Lian Hin (LH) has grown to be one that provides high quality stones with an equally quality service, creating beautiful and inviting homes.

We are now one of the key players in Singapore, offering three main types of stone surfaces: Granite, Marble and Quartz. These are offered under our three sub brands namely, LH Granite, LH Quartz and LH Marble.

Having our own factory and warehouse in Singapore allows us to handle fabrications, customisations and day-to-day operations with ease.

We provide a one-stop solution for flooring, wall, feature walls, as well as top’s needs. The latter includes measurement, material, fabrication and installation.

Lian Hin (LH) works closely and builds concrete relationships with our clients and business partners.

We aim to create work that is honest and homes that are full of love, familiarity and comfort; homes where families and friends can grow together.

Lian Hin (LH) is not a stranger; we treat every home just like ours – with respect, admiration and love.

Our Sub Brands:


To supply high quality stone surfaces complemented with superb value-adding services to create elegant and enchanting spaces for our customers.


To be the leading supplier and fabricator of high quality stone surfaces with excellent services to our customers.

Core Values and Beliefs:

  1. Passion for Market Leadership

    We will be the Market Leader and Preferred Choice known for high quality stone surfaces as well as superior customer service.

  2. Teamwork

    We will focus on achieving our vision and synergize individual efforts to accomplish the Company goals.

  3. Integrity

    We will deliver on our promises while conducting our business activities with the highest level of integrity and professional ethics.

Our Certifications:

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